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$ 3900 /year

Get the fully-featured CFD software for the best price you can get

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Unlimited parallel processes

Unlimited Mesh Nodes

Simple Support *


$ 4900 /year

Deploy fully-featured CFD software with support team at your service

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Unlimited parallel processes

Unlimited Mesh Nodes

Extended Support *

All plans include: Online User Guide, Video Tutorials, Automatic Updates & Fixes, Windows & Linux OS Support

Get to know simFlow by trying the free version first from the Download page.

Common questions

What is the main difference between paid & free plans?

You have unlimited mesh nodes in all paid plans. Also, you can significantly speed up the simulation process with unlimited parallel processes.

Can I buy short term or perpetual licenses?

Yes, you have a wide variety of licensing plans, starting with a 3-month licensing period and ending with perpetual licenses for the most demanding customers.

What are the possible support options*?

Simple Support is only available through priority email. In the Extended Support plan we can help you in many ways: by email, phone, video chat with screen sharing, online training or custom case preparation – you choose.

Do you have special discount for Universities?

Yes. Please, contact us to get more information.

Do you have floating license options?

Yes, we do have floating license options. Please contact us for more details.

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