simFlow 2.1 release

This release delivers long-awaited functionalities, advanced solvers and now supports OpenFOAM® 2.3.1. Highlights include:

  1. Automatic updates

    — this solution simplifies and accelerates the way you receive updates and fixes by providing a convenient method to keep your simFlow up-to-date.

  2. Floating license

    — you can choose whether you prefer to assign a simFlow license to your workstation or share licenses within your network using a license server.

  3. Remote SSH service

    — this feature allows you to make use of the power of high-performance clusters and still prepare your simulation case files locally on your computer.

  4. User Defined Features

    — you can now use solvers and boundary conditions which are not supported by the simFlow engine and create a dedicated user interface.

  5. Support for large meshes

    — support for 64-bit architecture allows the size of your mesh to be limited only by the amount of memory you have in your machine

  6. Advanced solvers

    — newly implemented solvers include:

    • coal combustion
    • multiphase flows, with more than two phases
    • flows with shock waves
    • 6 DoF body motion with constraints.
  7. Online documentation

    — you can now learn simFlow from our free online documentation.


If you are already using simFlow 2.0

We recommend you to uninstall simFlow 2.0 and replace it with the new 2.1 version. simFlow 2.1 comes with automatic updates so from now on you will be always up to date with the newest version of our CFD software. Don’t worry, all your settings are safe.

Download free simFlow 2.1

simFlow 2.1


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