simFlow 2.2 release

simFlow 2.2 Box

A new version of simFlow 2.2 now includes:

  1. Source terms in multi-region solvers

    – Now you can define volumetric heat sources in conjugate heat transfer problems

  2. Porosity and MRF models in multi region solvers

    – These features enable you to create porous zones and rotating components in conjugate heat transfer simulations

  3. New boundary conditions for heat transfer problems

    – Define heat transfer specific boundary coditions such us heat flux and power

  4. User defined solvers linear equation system

    – You can use third party functions to speed up the simulation process, e.g. GPU-based solvers

  5. User defined solid body motion functions

    – Use the power and flexibility of your custom motion functions in solid body motion simulations


If you are already using simFlow 2.0

We recommend you to uninstall simFlow 2.0 and replace it with the newest version. Since version 2.1, simFlow comes with automatic updates so you can be always up to date with the newest version of our CFD software.
Don’t worry, all your settings are safe.

Download free simFlow 2.2

simFlow 2.2


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