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simFlow is a powerful general-purpose CFD software.

It combines an intuitive graphical user interface with the advantages of the open-source OpenFOAM® libraries.

With simFlow you can:

  • create and import the mesh
  • define boundary conditions
  • parameterize the case
  • run the simulation
  • compute in parallel with just one click
  • post-process results with ParaView

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As a comprehensive numerical tool, simFlow offers functionalities to handle such phenomena as:

  • compressible and incompressible fluid flows
  • turbulent flows
  • heat transfer, including conjugate heat transfer
  • multiphase flows
  • cavitation
  • chemical reactions

These processes can be modeled in both stationary and rotating reference frames or using dynamic mesh. If necessary, it is also possible to treat a solid material as a porous medium.

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simFlow offers the ability to simulate external and internal flows in a
wide variety of applications, such as: road vehicles, aircrafts, trains,
buildings, industrial facilities and many others.

In simFlow you can use the state-of-the-art turbulence models,
discretization schemes and numerical methods. Simulation results may help you in determination of:

  • velocities
  • pressure drops
  • lift or drag forces

Knowledge of aerodynamics in high-tech applications facilitates decision-making process and allows engineers to optimize the design before its physical production and prototype testing.

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heat transfer

Heat transfer processes are of great importance in many industries like aeronautics, power engineering, metallurgy, HVAC and electronics.

Heat transfer studies performed in simFlow can cover:

  • conduction
  • natural and forced convection
  • radiation
  • conjugate heat transfer between solids and fluids

Simulation results may give you an insight into temperatures in critical locations or serve as an input to stress analysis.

combustion cfd software simflow


Sophisticated species transport models that are implemented in simFlow allow for simulations of non-premixed, premixed and partially-premixed flames.

Among many potential applications, simFlow capabilities can be used to:

  • estimate efficiency of chemical reactors
  • model spray phenomena and coal combustion
  • predict pollutant emissions from various combustion systems

Temperature field and spatio-temporal species concentrations calculated in such analyses may bring an engineer closer to the optimal design.

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